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- Portable Butane Stove

Also available from NauTech Marine is The "Thunder Range" - Portable Butane Gas Stoves.

  • Is the cost of an LPG stove too expensive?
  • Are you wasting valuable room with a large setup you rarely use?
  • Sick of messy, dangerous, impractical, and inconvenient Methylated Spirits or Kerosene? Refilling tanks with a funnel half-way through dinner? Or waiting forever to boil the kettle?
  • The added frustration of pumping up pressure tanks, or trying to squirt a little into the burner pan to get it to work, adjusting the knob before it overflows again?
For years the choices available to those of us on a budget & with less room has been very limited. The Thunder Range of Portable Gas Cookers is now available to the public through NauTech Marine & selected Chandleries.

The convenience of home cooking with gas is now available anywhere at a reasonable price. Great as an emergency backup, a spare, or to take bush with you.

  • Don't settle for other cheap and nasty versions available.
  • These Butane Gas Cookers have been sourced specifically for marine use, they comply to 2030 and are approved by the Australian Gas Association.
  • Quality manufacture including galvanised parts and tough enamel exterior.
  • This range features an aluminium diecast burner and an integrated safety system to prevent explosions or gas release by overpressure, spills or wind effects.
  • Features a positive interlock safety system ensuring it can't be operated with the gas canister incorrectly installed.
  • Supplied with a convenient plastic carry case, for added protection when stowed in the locker.
  • No matches required. - Utilises a piezo–electric ignition for easy starting every time.
  • Full temperature adjustment by a front panel control knob.
  • Use the convenience of clean burning Butane – lighter-than-air. Butane is much safer than LPG (which is heavier-than-air). No more dangerous gas lurking in the bilges.
  • Much hotter and cleaner burning than Methylated Spirits or Kerosene versions. No more unpleasant Kero or Metho smells. Boils a kettle in about a 1/4 of the time!!!

Don't pay through the nose at other suppliers, Special Prices available for NauTech Marine Customers.

Also Available to Compliment your Stove:

  • Gas Lantern with auto ignition. Extremely bright. Lasts 6-9 hours/canister
  • High Temp Burner Head. Brazing, soldering, etc.
  • High Volume Burner Head. Perfect for paint stripping and heating surfaces
  • Non-Stick BBQ Plate - Cast aluminium with a high lip and adjustable oil drain

For more information on the Thunder Range please call Ken, by phone or fax on (07) 3207-6227, or (M) 0422 881-800 or e-mail info@nautechmarine.com.au.