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- Stainless Steel Barbaques

The Galleymates & Entertainers are made from marine grade 316 stainless steel with a rust resistant hotplate and two stainless steel full length gas burners. Exactly what you've been looking for if you want to enjoy cooking on your boat.

They all have a lid with a large viewing window which enables cooking in the worst weather and prevents spatters on deck. They are so good you can even cook a roast or bake a cake. One of the best features is the unique fat collection system. The base of the unit is sealed except for the fats/juice drain hole which allows these to be collected in a disposable container which can be cleanly disposed of when full, (around 10 - 15 uses). No more mess on your deck.
All units can free stand, or be mounted on either your transom with brackets, or on your railing with a simple slip in/out mechanism, enabling you to remove your unit for stowage or to use it at home. It can also be permanently mounted onto your aft railings completely outboard out of the way.

Galleymate 1000 (shown above)
SIZE: 550mm x 360mm x 320 high
(Includes BBQ Hotplate & Oven Rack)
Plate Size 430 x 250mm

Galleymate 1000 Rail Mount (shown right). Front legs locked in and stablised outboard with telescopic rod. Easily removed to allow storage.

For more information on the Galleymate please call Ken, by phone or fax on (07) 3207-6227, or
(M) 0422 881-800 or e-mail info@nautechmarine.com.au.