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"Finally, a range of fendering so good, it's guaranteed
for five years!!!"

Designed both to protect your boat and make boating more comfortable, the Perimeter range includes fenders, spreader boots, guardrail lifeline covers and D-section fendering offer many advantages over conventional alternatives.

The heavy-duty woven polyester outer casing isn't effected by UV light, mildew, pollution or dirt, and when it becomes grimy, simply scrubs clean. Inside is a closed-cell foam which won't retain water, and offers effective cushioning even under high pressure. Perimeter point out that traditional rubbing strips along the edges of pontoons - which are usually made from plastic, rubber, vinyl or PVC - tend to become hard and brittle with age. They then crack around their attachments, exposing sharp screws or nails, which can easily damage a hull.

The foam-filled Fender range also have a longer and more useful life than the normal air-filled rubber or plastic variety - they can't burst, and the polyester casing means there's no need to buy a cover to protect your topsides from scuffing. As well as sausage-shaped fenders up to 15 cm (6 in) in diameter and 112 cm (44 in) long, they make flat rectangular ones in higher-density foam which will not ride up or roll along the hull. Where space is a premium, the compact design of this range will allow 4 to 5 fenders to be stowed in the same amount of room as 2 large inflatable fenders, but will handle vessels up to 15m (50ft).

Other hull-savers include Gunnel Guard, which comes in half and three quarter-round profiles. Secured permanently around the gunwale or along the topsides of your boat or dinghy, it will last up 10 times longer than PVC, rubber, plastic or canvas-covered alternatives. Boat Guide Bumpers are padded tubes, which drop over a trailer's guide arms, while Chafe Guards are open-ended polyester tubes to protect the gun'ale where the mooring lines run over the deck.

For the crew's comfort, Perimeter make Lifeline Cushions and Toerail Cushions - so the helmsman and crew shouldn't find their shoulders etc being cut in half as they lean back on the lifelines, and the crew won't lose circulation in their legs during a long beat on the weather rail. Spreader Boots and Turnbuckle Covers complete the range, to prevent chaffing of your sails. Unlike the rubber and leather alternatives they won't hold the moisture which increases the likelihood of corrosion, or go hard after about 6 months in the weather. Like all the Perimeter range they can be easily scrubbed or washed clean.

NEW ITEM - Perimeter Corner Bumpers

The Perimeter Corner Bumpers are the latest product in Perimeter Industries range of marine fendering. Available in three sizes, the Corner Bumpers are easily installed onto the whaler of pontoons, marina berths, and decks of fixed jetties.

  • Ideal protection for the corner of your pontoon, marina berth or fixed jetty
  • Easy to install
  • No moving parts to seize or corrode
  • Polyester textile and closed-cell foam inner cushion, NOT vinyl, PVC or rubber
  • Will not deteriorate in the sun or mar your boat
  • Cleans easily with liquid soap and a hose
  • Five-year manufacturers warranty

There are over one hundred items in the Perimeter product range. For more information see your local Chandler or call Ken, by phone or fax on (07) 3207-6227, or (M) 0422 881-800 or e-mail info@nautechmarine.com.au.

Perimeter Marine Fendering - The best thing next to your boat.

Shown above: Our NEW Perimeter Corner Bumper.