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Anchor Buddy™ Anchor Weight
- An Essential Onboard, for Safe Anchoring in all Conditions

Have you ever been at anchor in a blow and your yacht or cruiser is yawing wildly or your anchor has dragged? Worse still , if you're in a confined anchorage crowded with boats and no room to let out more chain , or, the wind is blowing you onto a lee shore.

An advanced technique in anchoring, the ANCHOR BUDDY™ Anchor Weight is an updated and modernised variation of a system successfully used for several hundred years (they're called Anchor Angels or Kellets in Europe).

It's been designed to be easy to attach and retrieve in an emergency situation (a one-handed operation taking 30 - 60 seconds) without having to use any tools. It rides easily on its own pulley system, without chafing the anchor warp.

While other make shift methods of using heavy weights etc may be cheaper, they can prove cumbersome or impossible to put on or off in emergencies. During heavy weather, or at night, it can be extremely dangerous hanging over the bow trying to juggle shackles and spanners etc with the boat pitching and rolling. It is also difficult to justify risking your second anchor as a weight in case of further difficulties.

The ANCHOR BUDDY™ Anchor Weight reduces the load on your anchor by up to 50%, while almost doubling its holding power. By ensuring the angle of pull on the anchor is horizontal , the Anchor Buddy helps the anchor to dig in and prevents it from dragging.

It also acts as a spring, reducing your boat's overall motion while anchored , especially yawing and snubbing. It reduces your swinging circle and keeps the warp almost vertical off the bow.

For more information on the ANCHOR BUDDY™ Anchor Weight or any other products in the NauTech Marine range, contact your local Chandler or call Ken, by phone or fax on (07) 3207-6227, or (M) 0422 881-800 or e-mail info@nautechmarine.com.au.